Feb 2021


Hello, we are Karlo and Natalia. We’re best friends, partners in craft based in Hobart, Tasmania. We are mastering the design and build of web products, branding and digital strategies for people and organizations. We are focus on helping small to large businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals through simple, thoughtful and well-researched design.

Karlo Estrada

Design, Strategy & Technology

He has an insatiable hunger to learn how and why things work. Aside being a leftover of the 90s, he has cultivated a deep understanding of web development and graphic design. With a variety of interest these days, he continues to discover latest technologies and applying self-taught attitude of learning the unknown. He shoots some hoops in the court for work-life balance.

Natalia Munsayac

Design, Art & Strategy

Natalia was immersed in art and design from an early age, owed to growing up listening to thrash metal, comics and late afternoon cartoons. She has an organic talent with her hands that makes everything beautiful or make something delicious. Her appreciation to aesthetics goes beyond design, to her sporadic love for fine art, anything from watercolor painting to graffitti.

I‘ve worked with Karlo on a couple of web projects and one thing I find consistent about him is his quality; he never misses his deadlines and the quality of work is always top notch. Besides being a good web developer Karlo also takes pride in producing work that is relevant and align with the latest digital/web trends; in short he’s both a great developer and a great consultant!

Our best website not only came true, but in fact, the end product exceeded our expectations. Ability for Karlo to remain calm and patient despite the numerous changes I made. They are very reliable and knowing that there will always be a back up service.